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Little Ninjas Prep

Ages 2-4

Little Ninjas Prep is a martial arts themed exercise programme where parents and children enjoy classes together.

We work on the 6 Cs: confidence, coordination, concentration, control, courtesy and cooperation.


once weekly

Little Ninjas

Ages 3-6

Our Little Ninjas programme fuses gymnastics, games and martial arts to build solid foundations for the Junior programme. In addition to working on physical fitness and coordination, children learn about safety and keeping healthy, and develop their social skills.



Ages 6+

Children move through different coloured belts or 'kyu' learning the fundamentals of traditional karate, and working on developing cardio fitness, coordination, power and control. At later grades kickboxing is also introduced into the examination material.


Adult Martial Arts

Ages 14+

Our adult classes are open to all levels of experience and fitness. In a typical class students might undertake strength and cardio training, traditional Japanese karate, raw street self defence, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or Filipino weaponry (all in a safe and friendly environment of course).


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*Classes have a joining fee of £134 (£65 for Little Ninja prep) which covers all the equipment needed to get started, including uniform and the first 2 weeks of tuition.

Karate students



The ethos of Oxford School of Martial Arts derives directly from its founder, Rob King. Overcoming crippling shyness as a child through karate, he discovered a talent and passion for teaching.

Physically strong role models who encourage our children to read. What more can you ask than that!

The Johnsons


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